4 ways to customize Transported

As a tour creator, real estate agent, or property owner we understand how important your brand is to your business. Learn how to customize your Transported tours to put your personal, business, or client’s brand front and center.

1. Build your own brand: Customize your profile

Your profile on TransportedLike all user-generated content platforms, Transported gives you a profile page which aggregates all your tours. Customize and make it your own so other users and potential clients can learn more about you and contact you. Remember to do the following:

  • Choose a good username. Make sure it’s easy to remember. This will appear as part of your Transported URL.
    • ex. transported.com/u/YourUserName
  • Enter your full name. This appears on your page as your name.
  • Enter your company name: This appears next to your name on your profile page.
  • Upload your profile image. Choose a square image that is at least 480 x 480 pixels. This will be cropped into a circle and represents you!
  • Add a header image. Upload a 1,500 x 500 pixel header image. This is the same spec as Twitter. I’d recommend something that’s more background, without text or logos as the image will be cropped differently on different devices.
  • Upload a background VR Image: In VR, your profile can have a 360° image as its background. We recommend using an equirectangular from a tour you’ve created.
  • Enter in all your contact info. We allow you to add your email, web, and social media URLs to your profile. Take advantage of it to build your audience and let people follow you and contact you!

2. Enhance your client’s brand: Add collaborators

Add clients to your toursIf you made the tour, you’re the “creator.” But you might have a client, say a real estate agent, who commissioned the tour. You can customize your tour’s association with clients by adding them as collaborators. To do this, make sure they have a Transported account. (They can sign up for a free non-publishing account.) Then invite them to collaborate on your tour as a “listing agent.”

Once they’ve confirmed it, they will be listed as the “presenter.” You’ll see them show up in the tour’s jump menu and on the tour’s web page.

Pro-tip: You can invite more than one collaborator, including other creators.

3. Create memorable URLs

Every Transported tour can be viewed at a short url that looks something like:

But what you might not have noticed is that you can also customize this url on the fly putting any text between the ".com" and the "/t/" like this:

So maybe you are really proud of your work:

Or maybe you just want to market features of the property:

The point is, you can use any text here you like. It's a great way to share memorble, branded, URLs with clients.

4. Embed your tours on your own site

Embed your tours on your websiteFor the ultimate in customization and flexibility, embed your Transported tour into your own website, say your portfolio or the client’s property website.

Transported embeds work with just about every website platform out there, including Squarespace, Wix, Wordpress, Boomtown, Placester, and Ghost to name just a few.

Once embedded, the Transported player logo will be gone. It's your site, you can surround the tour with your own content, logo, and branding, anything you like.

For inspiration, see some examples from users like you:


Finally, we’ve got a few more customization tricks up our sleeves in the future. Stay tuned.

Roger Wong

Roger Wong

User experience and design at Transported

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